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Our Crystals

Our true Vogel crystals are carefully cut from natural quartz and are perfect to use in meditation and energy work. The crystals are cut in a specific way that maximizes the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force Energy also often referred to as “Chi” or simply “energy”.

Vogel cut crystals 8 12 and 24 sided
Real vogel cut crystals

From Our Customers

“I feel so much gratitude for the crystal I received. Upon programming it, I felt an energy surge through me and immense awe at our connection. Since then, whenever I hold it, I shift into a state of clarity and peace. It is so tangible that there was a distinct precision in the physical and energetic cultivation of this crystal. I feel so much wonder for its capacities, which to me seem to be the union of nature's power and human innovation. Thank you!"

Paige D.

Our Commitment

Marcel Vogel stated that "Love is the primary unit of life."

Our company practices are built upon this foundation to deliver you crystals infused with the purest intentions.

Ethically sourced Himalayan crystals

Family owned and operated business

Spiritually-oriented and envisioned mission

The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance.


When it is cut to the proper form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user's mind.


Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.


Marcel Vogel crystal healing
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