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Vogel Crystals

The Healing Power of Nature

Vogel crystals are natural quartz crystals skillfully cut to precise angles for enhanced use in meditation and energy work.


Vogel Cut Crystals are natural quartz crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). They are crystals that are often used in meditation, energy work, and clearing work. The crystals are cut in a specific way that maximizes the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force Energy also often referred to as “Chi” or simply “energy”.

Our Crystals

Our crystals were cut by a highly skilled craftsman that uses the correct angles, orientation, material and intent needed to create a fine tuned Vogel cut crystal. There are very few crystal cutters in the world that can cut a true Vogel crystal and know how to achieve the correct characteristics.


These crystals are made from Himalayan Quartz that is nearly entirely clear with very few visible natural inclusions. This in itself makes them quite rare. Vogel crystals are used by vibrational healers, Reiki practitioners and other energy workers as the crystal can amplify energy work.


These crystals are double terminated. The female end is cut to 52 degrees and the male end (firing tip) has been cut at 58 degrees. The crystal cutter cuts them to 52 degrees because that is closest to the angle of the great pyramid which depending on the source is 51.4 to 51.85 degrees. (We find this angle to be more effective than the 51 degrees.) 


  • You must first start with natural quartz. Man-made material will not perform the same.

  • The crystal must be hand-cut with the necessary intent, skill, and understanding of the crystal and its intended uses.


  • The crystal must be double terminated and cut and polished to this shape.


  • The crystal must be cut completely aligned with the C axis of the quartz crystal.

  • The receptive end of the crystal (sometimes called the female end) must be faceted forming an internal angle of 51 degrees.* 


  • This is the same angle as the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid at Giza.


  • The crystal must have four or more side facets.


  • The transmitter (sometimes referred to as the male) end of the crystal must be faceted with a more acute internal angle than the receptive end.



*Note: Our crystals are cut to 52 degrees on the female end. We find this to enhance performance compared to the standard 51 degrees. Depending on the source, the angle of the Great Pyramid is 51.4 to 51.85 degrees. Therefore, 52 degrees is likely closest to this angle and most effective. That being said, if you would like the 51 degrees, please let us know and we can do a custom cut for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all “Vogel” cut crystals on the market the same?

Marcel Vogel is no longer around. The knowledge has been passed and shared with a small group of people. There are many cut crystals that visibly look similar to a “Vogel” cut crystal but lack some of the important characteristics necessary to bring forth optimum performance. Our crystals are true Vogel crystals hand cut with for optimum performance.

A natural uncut crystal is like a radio signal that is not being broadcasted clearly. It transmits and receives but the signal is wide and broad. A cut crystal is a high tuned ampler. The larger male end has been cut to the dimensions of the great pyramid (historically these have been cut to 51 degrees, yet we cut ours 52 degrees because we have found them to perform better).

Why purchase our crystals?

  • Intention and purity that goes into their creation.
  • High level of quality: visibly, most are nearly optical grade clear quartz with few to no visible inclusions to the visible eye. This level of quartz clarity is rare.
  • We cut ours to 52 degrees on the male end. We find this to be an enhancement from the 51 degrees to which traditional Vogel crystals are cut.

How do I cleanse, charge, and program my crystal?

These processes are easy! All you need is Love and your breath. Cleansing:

  1. Take a clearing, deep breath and bring your focus to the crystal.
  2. Set your intention to cleanse the crystal.
  3. Pulse your breath out in bursts through the nostrils.
* Please note that Marcel Vogel did not feel commonly used techniques such as salt or smudging to be beneficial. Charging:
  1. Focus on Love and breathe this warmth into your being.
  2. Hold your breath as you concentrate and expand this feeling of Love.
  3. As you exhale, pulse your breath and intentionally direct it into the crystal.
Programming: According to Rumi Da, after cleansing and charging your crystal, you can hold your breath and feel your body and the crystal resonate. Some people may feel it vibrating in their hand, while others need practice to sense this. Still others may even feel a reality shift. After you have charged the crystal with Love, you can charge it with additional qualities - but Love must be first. For more information, please see:

How do “Vogel” Cut Crystals Work?

“Vogel” cut crystals work by amplify energy and intension. A cut crystal is really like an amplifier. Much in the way in which when you take light and make it coherent you end up with a focused laser beam. This is the same principle but done with thought intension and energy. The “energy” is brought into the crystal and then focused and sent out the tip of the crystal. Energy workers find that healing intension can be focused and projected in this way towards a client by using a “Vogel” cut crystal.

What are the parts of the crystal?

The larger end of the crystal which is referred to as the “female” end is the receiving end. The energy and life force enters thru the receiving end and flows through the crystal and transmits out and through the smaller end known as the “‘female end."

Who historically has cut Vogel Crystals?

Marcel Vogel himself was the creator (or channeler) of the information behind the Vogel Cut Crystal. Marcel is no longer around but his findings remain and continue to bless humanity.

There are two well known crystal cutters that were trained by Marcel. These crystal cutters are in high demand and thus their delivery time is often 6 to 12 months. Rumi Da (a former associate of Marcel Vogel) and Drew Tousley are the two most well know cutters. We personally have used their crystals and purchased from them over the last 12 years. They are both great cutters. Due to our desire to make these crystals more available yet maintain the high degree of integrity with such a crystal we have after many years found our own crystal cutter.

Why are your crystals cut to 52 degrees?

Our extremely talented crystal cutter, cuts our crystal using the same principles that Marcel Vogel used with one slight refinement in the angle. Historically Vogel cut Crystals had an internal angle of 51 degrees which was thought to be the angle of the great pyramid. The actual precise angle of the great pyramid is rather 51.8 degrees which is closer to 52 degrees. This is why we have chosen to use the more precise 52 degree angle which puts it into the golden ratio. This minor adjustment is subtle but we have found it to be an important improvement. For more information on the precise angle of the great pyramid (click here)

Can you cut crystals to 51 degrees?

While we have found crystals cut to 52 degrees to be more effective, we can certainly cut them to 51 degrees if that is what you prefer. Please contact us for a custom order.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We stand behind our crystals and their amazing properties! We believe that you will love our crystals as much as we do. The energetic qualities and Love that goes into them is palpable. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your crystal, you can return it within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund of the purchase price less the shipping cost. After the 30 day window is closed, all sales are final. Prior authorization is necessary for a return. Just drop us an email! Thanks!

Vogel cut crystals