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About Us

Our mission is to make high-performing Vogel Cut Crystals readily available to healers and lightworkers.

Vogel cut crystal

Vogel Cut Crystals was founded by Ross Newkirk, an inventor and longtime user of Vogel cut crystals. Our intent is to support those on the spiritual path with these amazing amplifying tools. Our crystals are perfect for energy workers, meditators, and those looking to amplify intentions. We recognize the market is saturated with falsely advertised, poorly manufactured crystals claiming to be Vogel cut. Our crystals are cut by our amazingly talented crystal cutter whom uses some of the highest quality natural Himalayan quartz and cuts them in the proper growth angle and with the characteristics necessary to create a powerful amplifying tool. All our crystals are infused with the purest intentions.

Ross Newkirk President of Vogel Cut Crystals

Ross Newkirk - President

Ross’ own spiritual journey has been filled with examples of how the body can heal itself. He designs and manufactures technologies for healing and raising consciousness based on recent discoveries in physics, breakthrough Russian technologies, the information field theory, and the human consciousness model.


Ross also operates Conscious Technologies, LLC, and is a co-founder of the Awaken Wholeness Center LLC, Ross devotes much of his time studying and practicing various modalities, many of which are offered at the Awaken Wholeness Center.


  • President of Conscious Technologies, LLC

  • Director of The Lightfield Foundation and one of the founders and creators of the Lightfield technology, a unique consciousness-raising technology (Lightfield and Grace Units) based on the newly discovered information field theory and human consciousness model.

  • Director of Manufacturing for Mobius Sciences and helped design and manufacture the Quantum Flo Technology based on recent discoveries in physics and breakthrough Russian technologies.

  • Vice President and Operator of the Quantum Flo at the Awaken Wholeness Center.

  • Author of Unsubscribe: A Story About One Man's Profound Discovery.

  • Former Personal Assistant to Dr. Spencer Johnson author of Who Moved My Cheese, The One Minute Manager, and Out of the Maze.

  • Property Maintenance Business for multi-million dollar lake-side homes.

  • Founded RNventions - off-road and Jeep accessorizing company.

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner.

Our Commitment

Marcel Vogel stated that "Love is the primary unit of life."

Our company practices are built upon this foundation to deliver you crystals infused with the purest intentions.

Ethically sourced Himalayan quartz crystal

Family owned and operated business

Spiritually-oriented and envisioned mission

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