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These Pharaoh Rods are based on Ancient Egypt Technology.  Pharaohs and priests would carry these rods within their hands to enhance the flow of energy throughout one's being.


There are many Ancient statues of Pharaohs, (see pictures) displayed which are proudly holding these rods in their hands.


Our solid Pharaoh Rods and boxes are made from solid 99.9% copper and 99.9% zinc. Both rods are approximately 3” in length and 5/8” in diameter and come in a beautiful and functional storage box as pictured. 


This is a high quality and well-made heirloom set and made in the USA! 


We offer them because we personally use them and have found them helpful. 


These rods are sometimes referred today as harmonizers as they enhance the flow of energy through the body.  Working with Zinc and Copper together is said to harmonize the yin and yang energy within the body, leading to a restoring and energizing effect within one's being.


The copper is nice and smooth as pictured.  The zinc rods have light lines from manufacturing as the zinc rods are cast from 99.9% pure zinc and cooled.  These light lines in the zinc rods makes it easier to tell which rod you are holding by the slight differentiation in texture. This can sometimes come in handy if you are meditating in the dark or with your eyes closed and ever need to set them down and then pick them up again and figure out which goes in which hand. Both the copper and zinc rods are solid and not hollow or filled for maximum beneficial effect. 

Also included is a custom case that we designed.  This keeps the rods separated from touching each other and protected and also reminds you which rod goes in which hand.


The Copper Rod should be held in the right hand. The Zinc Rod should be held in the left hand.  Copper represents the masculine (solar) and Zinc represents the feminine (lunar).


As far as to what to expect, experiences will vary. I personally can feel a tingle in my hands especially in my left hand when I hold the rods.  I also feel a slight increase in my awareness. Some people find they sway back and forth when they hold them although most people do not.  Some people feel a buzz throughout their body and others say they don’t feel much of anything.  Regardless of what one physically feels there is balancing that is occurring within one's being.


One Customers Feedback:
"They seem to me to act as a sort of bio-voltage generator, which allows the body to store the voltage and charge up like a battery. This makes them very different than an other harmonizer. These charge the body. Amazing!"

Pharaoh Rods - Ancient Egyptian Balancing Tool

SKU: PR100
  • "Works very well to help ground during meditation."


    "Wow. I’ve been trying to purchase a pair since last year. After sitting with them in my hands for 5 mins I felt my hand tingling and vibrating. Then I could feel the energy like a ripple thru my body and energy fields layers. I was so excited to finally get these. I can wait til spring to go outside and ground with my feet in the ground with the rods."


    "Amazing quality and great customer service!"


    "I was gifted a set of Pharaoh Rods, and I wanted to let you know I think they are incredibly AWESOME!"

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