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Our vertical crystal display stand is ideal for someone who is actively working with their crystal and looking for a safe place to set it.  We offer this stand for our small, medium and Large Crystals.  If you are looking for a stand to go with a crystal you are purchasing from us please order at the same time you get your crystal to insure the stand will fit. We will custom fit the stand for your particular crystal before we send it out.  Often we have to adjust the hole sizes of the stand and customize it slightly for each crystal as the barrel diameter of crystals vary.


If you have previously purchased a crystals from us and want a stand or have a crystal you acquired elsewhere our stands may or may not fit your crystal.  Crystals vary so much in their body diameter bit is hard to make a one size fits all. That being said we do sell a lot of stands to people that already have crystals.


Stand Sizes and Accommodations:



For crystals up to 3.75” in length choose the small stand



For crystals between 3.75" to 5.75” in length choose the Medium/Large stand. The large stand has a wider base that is just under 6" in diameter and the wood composite material we use is almost 2x the thickness to accommodate heavier and larger crystals. 


The base of the stand has the Flower of Life symbol laser engraved into it. These crystal storage stands are designed and made exclusively for our Vogel Cut Crystals and our Pranic Wands and are made in the USA by us! 

Crystal Display Stand VERTICAL

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