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These AMAZING Vogel Crystal Powered Dowsing Wands combine the enhancement and focused energy of a Vogel Crystal with a high-quality Dowsing Wand!


By having a Vogel Crystal within the dowsing wand it creates an amazing amplified result. With the proper mind-set an individual can program the crystal and it acts as a finely tuned amplifier to enhance the dowsing technique. 



Due to the fact we custom make these and each one is slightly different, they ship within about 1 week from your order being placed.  



Hold the handle of the dowsing wand and when you are ready to start dowsing slide your middle finger and/or ring finger down so it touches the crystal and you form a physical connection with it and then begin dowsing.  The focused intention and energy of the Vogel Crystal greatly enhances the dowsing wand.  


Even though the crystal is permanently fixed within the handle of the dowsing wand and not intended to ever be removed, you can still clear it and program it as the crystal rotates within the handle.  There is only a slight modification in the clearing and programing technique that is explained with the detailed included instructions.


Each of these Vogel Cut Crystal Dowsing Wands will be custom made. Because each Vogel Crystal is slightly different in length and diameter the rod has to be custom made to fit it.  This also means we will customize each box as well to  securely fit the wand.  Because of this no two Vogel Cut Crystal Dowsing Wands will be exactly alike. Each wand will come with its own authenticity card.



Boxes and wands may vary slightly in size. The actual box is approximately 18-3/4" x 2-3/4" wide and 2-3/8" tall.  The actual wand is approximately 18" in length.  The wand and box together weigh just over 3lbs. It is a heavy box!  The wand itself is fairly light and will be approximately 6-7 ounces in total weight.  


We will be offering these with 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 24 sided Vogel Cut Crystals within them. When ordering it will prompt you to select the number of sided Vogel Crystal you would like within your wand.

Vogel Cut Crystal Dowsing Wand

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