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The Cell Phone Harmonizer is a piece of technology that was designed using specific materials to harmonize and transmute the EMF cell phone signal. The composite material is a matrix of crystals, 24k gold, silver, shungite and other materials and incapsulated geometries that are designed not to block the EMF signal but rather change the spin field (information field) to one that is harmonious. It can be placed in a variety of locations either directly on the phone itself or phone case.  It has a self adhesive backing that allows it to stick directly to your device.  


The geometry on the face of the Cell Phone Harmonizer is an Icosahedron.  The Icosahedron represents the allowing of Divine Flow, it is the final and 5th Platonic solid - with 20 sides, it is the symbol for Water.



2” diameter (3/16” thick)

Weighs: Only 0.5oz

Attaches via adhesive backing (peel and stick)

Cell Phone Harmonizer - Contains Crystals, Shungite & more!

  • Can the Cell Phone Harmonizer be used on a regular house phone

    Yes, in addition to a cell phone it can also be used on a land line, router and mobile hotpot. 


    What are the Phone Harmonizers made of?

    The phone harmonizers are made of a proprietary composite we have developed that is made up of specific components that are cast using an eco non-toxic resin. Although we do not disclose the contents of our phone harmonizers we will say that they do contain elite shungite, crystals, 24k gold and silver along with some very important other ingredients.


    Do the Cell Harmonizers Contain Radioactive Material?

    No. All the materials and minerals used in our products are totally safe and do not contain any radioactive materials.  Even the epoxy we use as a binder is non-toxic.  


    Will the Cell Harmonizer Stick to every Cell Phone Case?

    In order to adhere properly you need a case that an adhesive tape would be able to stick to. Silicone cases do not work as nothing will stick to them. Also phone cases that have raised texture sometimes do not allow for the best adhesion. Most plastic cases work fine. Quite frankly if your cases does not work for adhering the Cell Harmonizer it would be worth considering getting a case that does as having a Cell Harmonizer on your phone is of great benefit. 


    Where do I place the Cell Phone Harmonizer on my phone?

    Although the location for the Cell Harmonizer on the back of your phone or phone case does not matter for its function, it can interfere with other parts of your phones function if the following steps are not followed. 

    • Most people like to place the Cell Harmonizer in the middle of their phone. Note for wireless charging station users - the center generally does not work, so choose the top or bottom. 
    • We highly recommend that before you adhere it briefly try various placement options to find the best one for you. Before pealing off the paper backing which reveals the self-adhesive backing - use a rubber band to temporary hold the Cell Harmonizer in place and experiment with different placements to figure out where it would work best for you before installing it. 
    • Make sure you do not block your cell phone camera lens, speaker, or wireless charging station port. Note how cell phone with Cell Harmonizer fits in a car cell phone holder.
    • Once you find the perfect place remove the paper backing and adhere in place. You get one shot to adhere it, so take your time and be sure you are happy with the spot you chose.


    Can I remove my Cell Phone Harmonizer?

    The Cell Harmonizer has permanent adhesive on the back, however if carefully done it can be removed and reused. Care has to be taken when removing and and you are doing so at your own risk as it could potentially damage your phone or phone case. Conscious Technologies LLC is not responsible for any damage to your phone, case, or the Cell Harmonizer, should you choose to remove it. If you decide to chance it, the safest recommendation is to wear a pair of work gloves and using a putty knife and carefully slide the putty knife under the Cell Harmonizer. It is best to slowly work it under the Cell Harmonizer and avoid a prying motion as that is how it can damage your phone or case by excessive prying.  If you want to transfer the Cell Phone Harmonizer onto a new phone you can purchase our replacement backing for $3 purchase by (clicking here).  


    Can an EMF or Trifled Meter Measure the reduction of the EMF’s?

    No, we are not blocking the EMF we are transmuting the EMF to something harmonious. If you block the EMF your phone will not be able to send or receive calls. If you inhibit the signal your phone just emits a greater signal to compensate for the poor connection. Our technology is totally different in that it changes the man-made EMF spin field (information field) to something that is in greater resonance with people.


    Do you have Test Data validating the Cell Phone Harmonizers?

    Yes, please visit our Test Data Page on our other website where you can see Thermography Testing, kinesiology testing and Testimonials including video.  (Click Here)


    Do you have a video on the Cell Phone Harmonizers?

    Yes, We have an in-depth 20 minute video on them. Click Here to watch.


    Are there any lectures on Information Fields?

    This is a great lecture given by world class scientist Marc Newkirk. Click Here to watch.

  • We have tested our Cell Phone Harmonizers in the following ways.



    Testing using thermography shows that when a Cell Phone is used for a phone call (we tested 3 minutes) that there is a lot of heat absorbed into the mid section of the individuals head where the Cell Phone was held. When we tested the exact same scenario but with the Cell Phone Harmonizer attached to the back of the phone the high heat absorption into the individuals head was not present. 



    We used Kinesiology which is is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement to test our Cell Phone Harmonizers. This form of testing showed that individuals who were using a Cell Phone without our protection tested significantly weaker than those who were using a Cell Phone Harmonizer. People tested much stronger when using the Cell Phone Harmonizer on their phone.


    EMF Hyper Sensitive Individuals:

    We also tested our Cell Phone Harmonizers with people that were considered hypersensitive to EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) and energy in general. People reported a significant improvement when having a Cell Phone Harmonizer on their phone. There were reports from individuals who said they no longer experienced the sever discomfort that had been experiencing after they stuck our Cell Phone Harmonizer to the back of their phone. One individual said that she had been unable to use her cell phone because even a few minute call would result in her head hurting for up to two hours. This same individual was given one of our Cell Phone Harmonizers by a friend and when she stuck it to the back of her phone was amazed that she no longer experienced these disruptive and hugely uncomfortable sensations. She now swears by the Cell Phone Harmonizer and is able to use her phone and has told all of her friends about the difference it has made. Below is a direct quote from this individual along with several others.


    "I wanted to tell you the phone thingy works like a charm! I haven’t been buzzing when making calls! Total game changer! I’m so grateful! Thank you for doing what you do! I haven’t been able to make calls for several years without pain and or buzzing. It’s totally exciting to be able to now!”

    Jessie -Vermont



    "I'm very happy with the cell phone harmonizer! I'm able to feel a subtle energetic but definite difference! I'm aware of my positive expectancy (placebo) orientation. I'm already attuned to, and invested in the benefits of your wonderful technology! My Reiki sensitivity to subtle energy makes me pretty sure that the phone energy is "cooler and quieter," for want of a better description."

    Mary Anne - Massachusetts


    The below review is from someone who had a hole put in the Cell Harmonizer in order to wear it around their neck. This can be done free of charge upon request. In this case we do not apply the adhesive backing which is normally adhered to the back of the Cell Harmonizer which allows it to be stuck to the phone. 

    “I have been wearing the cellphone harmonizer around my neck, and it has made a tremendous difference- the phone doesn't hurt my head anymore, (it used to ECHO, and then reverberate in my brain and eardrums like something from hell) and when I wear it to go out and do shopping I am not EXHAUSTED when I get home.....I suppose all those people with all those phones are making a tremendous amount of energetic pollution, and the harmonizer has spared me from that....and the harmonizer tray is Fabulous! no more fag, drag, and blah when logging time on laptop!

    Really, I see market for making pendant harmonizers.”

    blessings and many warm thanks—



    For more details on our testing and videos please visit our Test Data Page.

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