Sides: 24

Style: Hemispherical (round) End Pranic Wand

Size: Small

Dimensions: 2-13/16" x 1"

Type: Citrine

Weight: 2.2oz


This crystal is cut with a rounded female hemispherical end. This particular citrine crystal has a beautiful yellow color to it with some lighter smoky lines within it.  This is a beautiful crystal and it has a great energetic feel to it. This crystal shown is the exact crystal you will receive. 


This is a pranic cut crystal wand.  This wand is cut so the receiving end (female end) is hemispherical (rounded) and the projecting end (male end) is pointed.  This allows for a crystal healer or practitioner to easily hold the wand in the palm of their hand and input their own intention, and frequencies into to the crystal and amplify them.  Some people like to place a tuning fork directly on the hemispherical end in order to input sound frequencies into the crystal.  Note: When using a tuning fork one must be careful not to chip the crystal.  This crystal was cut by a highly skilled craftsman that used the correct angles, orientation, material and intent needed to create a fine-tuned double terminated Vogel crystal. 


There are very few crystal cutters in the world that can cut a high quality crystal. With the proper understanding and intent this crystal can be utilized in amazing ways. 


Our cutter uses intuition with each crystal that is cut. The female end (receiving/input end) is hemispherical and the output end is terminated.  Because each crystal has its own frequency and unique qualities, our cutter tunes into that particular crystals and cuts the tip at an angle that optimizes and maximizes that specific crystals output potential. We have found this to be very important when cutting crystals.


Comes in a handmade protective pouch. You will receive the exact item pictured. 

Crystal Pranic Wand - Citrine 24 sided

SKU: VC581