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Sides: 9

Size: Small

Dimensions: 3-1/8" x 1-1/8"

Type: Clear

Weight: 2.4 oz

Description: This is a beautiful crystal!  This crystal is virtually visually clear. The crystal feels great in your hand when held and has wonderful amplification potential!


This is an authentic Vogel double terminated quartz crystal with 9 sides. This crystal was cut by our highly skilled craftsman that used the correct angles, orientation, material and intent needed to create a fine-tuned double terminated Vogel crystal. 


There are very few crystal cutters in the world that can cut a true Vogel crystal. With the proper understanding and intent this crystal can be utilized in amazing ways. 


Our cutter uses intuition with each crystal that is cut. The female end (receiving/input end) is approximately 52 degrees and the male end (firing tip) is cut to 60 degrees. Because each crystal has its own frequency and unique qualities, we find that for optimization that this is important to take this into account when cutting them.  This is why our angles are approximate, as we work with each crystal to maximize its amplifying abilities! We have found this to be very important when cutting crystals. The receiving end of the crystals (female end) are cut to approximately the angle of the great pyramid (which depending on the source is 51.4-51.85 degrees).  This process creates what we have found to be the most effective and powerfully amplifying Vogel cut crystal!


Comes in a handmade protective pouch. You will receive the exact item pictured. Read more about Vogel crystals here.

9 Sided Small Vogel Crystal

SKU: VC1132
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